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  • How do I break in my barrel?
    Click on attachment beside this question for an easy guide to breaking in your new BSF barrel!
  • How do I install my muzzle device onto my barrel?
    Click on the attachment beside this question for an easy guide to installing any muzzle device onto your barrel! (See question below for tips on finding shims)
  • Where can I find shims to install my muzzle device?
    Brownells has a great shim kit in either 1/2" or 5/8"! Here is a link:
  • Why carbon fiber and what are the holes drilled for?
    Carbon fiber is three times stronger than stainless steel. We drill holes into the Carbon Fiber allowing air to move around the barrel and vent heat quicker without any delamination issues. Using the Carbon Fiber this way keeps the rifling straighter the warmer the barrel gets because it's under tension. This allows us to maintain superior stiffness and strength while keeping the barrel extremely lightweight and accurate.
  • How do I qualify for a military and/or law enforcement discount?
    At the bottom of the home page, there is a section titled "Military and Law Enforcement Discount" with a button you can click on that will lead you to a form you can fill out for us to review. Once your form has been reviewed, we will email you a discount code that you can use during checkout.
  • Will the barrel hold water and create corrosion if moisture is left inside?
    No, the water will drain out and the inside will dry. The entire barrel is made up of carbon fiber and 416 stainless steel, which will not corrote or rust.
  • Can I send a check to pay instead?
    Yes, contact us through phone or email and let us know exactly what you want. We will then email you an invoice so that you know how much to write the check for. Make the check out to Blackstone Firearms. Please note that your check must clear before the barrel will be made and/or shipped. You will hear from us right away if your check does not clear.
  • Why is my barrel not accurate?
    Do not hesistate to reach out to us via email or phone is you are having issues with your barrel: / 262-725-7727. But to answer this question briefly, there are many variables that can affect why your barrel is not shooting properly: What kind/brand of ammunition are you shooting with? What grain bullet are you using? What twist do you have? How much heat have you created while shooting? What kind of muzzle brake are you using? The most important question is going to be: Did you properly break in your barrel when you got it? Any of these variables can drastically change the accuracy of your barrel. Make sure what you are using is the appropriate choice for your gun/barrel and that you are not forgetting to break in your barrel, using the guide that we have provided you to do so.
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